Twisted Tales: Books, Spooks and Spookery At The Library……..

To coincide with the seasons festivities some of our libraries are hosting events with a story telling flavour.

Twisted Tales brings together established names in the genre of horror as well as new voices and of course readers. Readings by authors can bring tales to a new kind of life. If you have the chance to visit one of these ‘readings’ by some of the country’s leading authors, you will not be disappointed. They are very well received and supported by the big names in the book industry.

Tonight, Tuesday 23rd October Halton Lea Library in Runcorn brings you ‘Dark Conspiracies’. An evening of insidious intrigues and malevolent secrets. This evening has distinguished readings by Ramsey Campbell, Simon Bestwick and Stephen McGeagh from 7pm ’til 9.30pm.

Then, there will be a panel discussion, a question and answer session and a book signing. I find these sessions all very civilised, a great place to network and with refreshments and good conversation thrown in they make an entertaining evening all round.

The event is FREE but check at Similar events have been supported by Waterstones Liverpool One Branch and have proved very popular.

For children, Knowsley libraries are putting on major book events from 26th October when Zoolab hits Page Moss Library first at 2pm and then 3pm with Meg and Mog storyboard performers telling a story linked to Halloween with live animals. Tel 489 9814

On the same day at Kirby Library 11.15-12.15am Zoolab has a ‘slithery and slimy’ session with live snakes and frogs! Tel 443 4240

These FREE events, along with alot more are playing throughout the half term in alot of the libraries and are not to be missed for the fun and educational value from these great actors and authors.

On Wednesday 31st October 9am-9pm Liverpool Central Library asks you to costume up and dress your little ones up as LPL is going “Halloween”. Come trick or treating at the reference desk in the children’s room and you receive a goody bag. The “spooky” book display will be well worth a good hour to explore and will give you some quality time with your family.

Hope you can venture out to some of these events in the next few days or better still make a note of them and pass them onto a friend. Do though, over the next few days, drop into some of the major booksellers in Liverpool and checkout the displays of tantalising spooky reads and HAVE A GOOD READ yourself.

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