Ritzy, Radical, Racy, Random dance at the Playhouse 25th October

Reviews on Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance quote him as “an artist defining the decade”, “no other dance vocabulary like his”, “a sought-after choreographer of his generation”…..so I just had to go to the Playhouse and see for myself.

The credentials looked good but was the dance “expressive”, dynamic and exciting?.

Well; there are a set number of moves in contemporary dance and in an hour long performance without a break Random Dance certainly exhausted their repertoire and threw in a few more……. courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.

Having watched contemporary dance in this country since 1982, I suppose Wayne has “defined the decade”, this decade, but to capture the attention of the man on the street you need to have that edge.

The sound track was stimulating and 21st century and the backdrop motherboard of flashing lights from “Close Encounters” added to the anticipation.

Anticipation was all I got.
Yes, the dancers worked their socks off to a sweat! Over and over again they danced, walked off and came on again, then walked off ……
As long as Contemporary dance keeps its distance from the audience and is as stand-offish as its shoulders, seats will be empty and performances lasting a night.
I still think the audience needs, desperately to be engaged with the dancers for pieces to work and be remembered….. that defines critical acclaim.

Like always, I take an assistant to these performances for that other perspective.

The younger generation are the ones who will fill the theatres in the future.

Verdict? And I didn’t even give her a prompt.

“When are Phoenix Dance Theatre back?” “They were good”.

Some dance just has it, others still need that something and Wayne certainly tried with ‘electrics’ to pull it off but it just didn’t work for us.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix Dance and that was months ago at the same venue.

Phoenix’s ‘Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe’, saw five dancers blend movement and voices to create a uniquely witty piece of dance around a microphone.

Oh, she did like ‘the men in suits’ as well, which referred to the highly colourful ‘Catch’. This was a piece by choreographer Ana Lujan Sanchez where Ana takes the concept from Rene Magritte’s famous painting ‘The Son of Man’, and immerses the audience in the world of surreal thought provoking choreography.

Perhaps this is what the young generation want? Something ‘clever’.
I agree with her. But, please see what you think if you venture out to tonights performance.

Wayne McGregor
Random Dance FAR 7.30pm
Thursday 25th Oct Liverpool Playhouse 0151 709 4776

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