Zombie Infestation….Hot Tickets

What is your Halloween pleasure?
A scream-filled evening touring a haunted house- then look no further than Speke Hall, Croxteth Hall and Shorrocks Hall.
If you want AtmosFEAR…then you have it.

Speke Hall is the latest to be overrun by the un-dead.

This year a record 170 million people will celebrate Halloween.

They’ll spend thousands of pounds on decorations, costumes and sweets.

Children will excite about ‘trick or treating’ and the commercial band wagon will roll on and ever on.

I’ve been fascinated as you may gather, by this years craving to widen the Halloween offerings to the public……. and people have been dying to get them. I could spend days exploring the different activities, the museums, libaries, arts centres and even retail markets have to offer on the theme. I could also spend days writing about them too. Children excite about the time but this is largely pushed by the massive commercialisation of it rather than the schools curriculum. I suppose it is ‘Culture’ and a part of our ‘Heritage’ but with all the different spin-offs I can’t help thinking that we may be getting a bit lost in it all.
Maybe I should stop thinking too much about it and just enjoy the plethora of events. So………..

I applaud Croxteth Hall for its latest array of fun events which lists… a Children’s Fun Ghost Hunt, a Pumpkin Trail, Mask Making Workshops, a Pumpkin Carving Workshop, Halloween Fun with Lovehistory, a theatrical scare theme called ‘The Garden of Lost Souls’, a Haunted Sleep Over, and the Paranormal Investigation-‘Halloween Special’ which includes a Psychic Workshop, glass divination and a dowsing workshop with all activities supervised by a psychic medium and paranormal investigator.

BUT all this comes at a price!

At Speke Hall visitors can expect a ghostly cold chill at the gatehouse and a roasting in their pockets.

Survivors at the estate will certainly be working in teams to evade the hordes of zombies popping up all over the ‘unexpected’, and if you make it into the hall alive, the official advice is, don’t look back, don’t stop and whatever you do don’t open the doors!
Stick together, keep heading forward and maybe, just maybe, you will make your way through the cobweb labyrinth and live to tell the tale.

Venturing a little bit further out of Liverpool along the Formby by-pass, I discovered ‘Scarewood’.

If you go down to the woods there at the wrong time, you would get a big surprise.
Between 27th, 28th and 31st October, this place will be creeping around your head long after you’ve gone home and turned off the lights.
Between 3pm and 6pm Scarewood is a fairy tale wonderland suitable for your Little Monsters with fun activities and larger than life characters-suitable for 6-600 yr olds.

Afterdark, 7pm onwards, the forest becomes alive with dangerous goulish grisliness (age range at parents discretion with all children accompanied by an adult…so what are you afraid of?)

And at the end of all this ………………..

You can expect to find a delicious market place with hot and cold foods provided by the city’s hottest venue, Camp and Furnace, who will be creating a Woodland inspired menu.

Liverpool’s master coffee maker from Bold street will be roasting up some creations and there will be seasonal games, pixies, fairies and a Wizard School plus lots more.

And…don’t forget ….book on-line or phone the event info hot lines to…

Make your screams come true!

Scarewood Forest Formby L37 2EB
0151 709 2030
Croxteth Hall L11 1EH 20th-31st October
0151 233 6910

28th and 31st October, Speke Hall.
0151 427 7231
Events start from 6.30pm

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