‘Collective Coverings’ have weaved some family magic at FACT

From late September to early October, FACT invited visitors to help soften the fabric of the building. Hundreds of you came, mums, dads, brothers, and sisters, all spending hours creating these fabulous creations.

Creations that now adorn the central area of the FACT center.

This monstrous exhibition aptly named ‘Collective Coverings, Communal Skin’ by artist Jemima Wyman fuses traditional weaving techniques to turn objects of conflict such as military uniforms into objects of comfort.

This collaborative artwork grew as a new skin throughout the festival weeks.

As a visual, I like this work, and judging by the number of visitors snapping away, so did they.

Jemima Wyman’s new work explores the camouflage fabric as a material with symbolic links to violence and conflict.

The donated secondhand camouflaged hunting t-shirts can be just about seen as a weaving material on the hula-hoops which act as excellent looms.

The public no doubt had massive ‘hands-on’ weaving time with the artist and the net result can be seen as a transformed object of conflict into not only an exhibition of beauty but of an exhibition of, as the artist says “comfort”

If you have the time, drop in on FACT and view this wonder world for free.

FACT 88 Wood Street L14AQ

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