Draw the Line..Django’s Riff Wood Street Thursday 1st November

Draw the Line is a free Liverpool art social event aimed at the professional artist and everyman alike, offering up a blank canvas for all to scribble upon……

Part social networking, part art therapy and all about a love of doodles, Draw the line offers an insight into Liverpool night life and the creative mind of Joe Public.

The session brings people together in the same space to create drawing in response to sound and music..in essence ‘creativity’.

This is for those out there who love art and want to be creative.

You will be able to try new techniques, experiment with different materials and rub shoulders with prominent artists where you will no doubt learn new skills.
Drawing is such a basic human expression and yet it has the capacity to be emotive, descriptive, powerful and highly personal to the creator.

It is like a conversation we can have with the world and with other people about how to see things and ideas.

Explore the fundamental urge to to make marks and contribute to the big community picture.

So, Drop in and leave your mark! Django’s Riff Wood street Liverpool 8.30-2am and if you miss this one make a date on Thursday 6th December.

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