Exhibition: Vibrant Eyes by Anna Di Scala @ Bellini cocktail bar

I’ve recently been engaged in an ongoing conversation with a group of my friends on the topic of girl crushes. You know, the women you look at as another woman who make you go, “Oh, yeah.” I’m also involved in an ongoing debate with my fellow Culture Champion, Ray, about what constitutes art.

I’d say that art is anything that moves you; that provokes a reaction, whether it’s good or bad.  Well, Anna Di Scala’s Vibrant Eyes exhibition, which launched last night certainly provokes a reaction. All of good from what I saw last night.  And if it’s possible to have a girl crush on a painting, then boy did I have one.

Heading to the basement of the Bellini bar on Whitechapel, I was greeted by the exotic sight of be-feathered showgirl, Ishtar and Anna herself, who led me round her wonderful pieces.

Self taught after raising a family, Anna evokes the spirits of Modigliani, Picasso and the gorgeous curves Reubens among others and has brought to life the most beautiful, erotic nudes I’ve ever seen.  Painted in bold yellows, which stand out against blacks and dark greens with splashes of vivid red to highlights mouths and nipples, this series of burlesque inspired paintings is both beautiful and sensual.

Highlighted with what turned out to be a vajazzle kit (I wasn’t expecting that!) these images evoke the erotic power of a woman’s body.  I’ve got to admit, I came away pretty flustered. In a good way.

“Olympia” by Anna Di Scala

So if you fancy celebrating the female form – and these felt like real women – then get down there while the exhibition’s still on.

Find out more about Anna Di Scala’s work at her website


5 responses to “Exhibition: Vibrant Eyes by Anna Di Scala @ Bellini cocktail bar”

  1. Paul argent says :

    Andrea, I agree. Art is something that moves you, in a good or bad way.

    Nice blog! Probably the first time vagazzle has been used on this blog, hope you used your kit to good effect!!

  2. liverpoolculturalchampionrayfosberg says :

    Great blog Andrea. Definitely worth a visit!

  3. thecelticmuse says :

    Fantastic blog, I was there and the pictures are exotically exquisite.

  4. thecelticmuse says :

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    Review of Anna Di Scala’s “Vibrant Eyes”

  5. wishartandculture says :

    Great Blog Andrea. Will be making a vist fo sho.

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