‘Bodies Revealed’ …..Like it or Hate it but Educate Yourself.

This is truly a fantastic exhibition that at last gives us the opportunity to open up our minds and delve into the closed world of surgeons, coroners and even embalmists.

A once taboo subject is now open door.

How times have changed.

The stuff I was learning about at university many years ago, was top notch research material but now I find it is freely available to all, on TV, internet and even my eleven year old daughter has knowledge of the research I was involved in. I’m all for education for all and this exhibition hits all the right buttons.

All this is absolutely fascinating. So, I find an exhibition that looks deep inside the systems of the human body, including skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, unprecedented and unique in the field of education for all. Education must move with the times.

Historically, this exhibition is nothing new as the Ancient Egyptians were into it and Renaissance Man in a big way, all in an effort to understand and cure.

This exhibition provides a unique insight into the human anatomy using the polymer-preserved specimens of real bodies.

During the exhibition tour, I looked deep inside the systems of the human body, skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine and circulatory. Humankind has been fascinated with uncovering the secrets of the human body and I found I was one of those on that journey. It was a journey of discovery all afternoon.

The specimens in the exhibition the guide informed me, had all been prepared through a revolutionary process called polymer preservation in which human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber.

The specimen I was told would not decay and could last for decades.

‘Bodies Revealed’ lets visitors of all ages explore deep within the human body but more so deep within ourselves and how we perceive what we are looking at.

I found my thirst for knowledge quenched with this exhibition. I had learn’t something and I felt like a vessel filled to the brim. It was informative, investigative and illuminating.

Ever wanted to look under someone’s skin?
This was the opportunity and I took it with ‘Bodies Revealed’, featuring 275 bodies preserved through a 21st century process. It’s good that this work has been released to the public and a door has been opened so we can be free to explore and learn a little bit more about eachother.

Liverpool ONE
Paradise Street
Until January 2nd 2013

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