The Year Of the Butterflies effect. Part II. The sequel

Comparing this year of mine to a film with the Movie industry constituting my life thus far then I’d say Ive  had an ‘ Avatar ‘ on my hands or for those with whom I’ve now became aquainted   ‘ Mr Bean.’  Having this  Romantic affair with Lady Liverpool and her talented family  has made me determined to contribute and introduce myself  to elements within the Arts that are a long haul flight away from my comfort zone. I can’t very well urge you all in my previous blog to roll the dice and try something new if I wasn’t at all prepared to run alongside or even a little further on.

So with this in mind I set myself a challenge . To try something where the chances are I’m  much more likely to fail than succeed . This may seem ridiculous but to be honest the pay off  in attempting this alone will be enough . The challenge set is  STAND UP COMEDY. This isn’t because I think I’m particularly funny (I know I make my children laugh but this is usually unintended and at my own expense) but more about not having it on the list of  ‘ Oh I wish I’d tried……’  That very list  I know you’ll have yourself and that which I feel on a mission to help all who read this eradicate. You see there is really nothing at stake for me here. Nothing to prove to myself and certainly no credibility to lose and it’s  in knowing this  that I’ve avoided cradling my head in my hands and squatting Basil Fawlty style in the corner of my living room muttering ” What the Hell have you done you receding Ginger Idiot. He’s from Faifield you know! ”

So the wheels are now set in motion.

Woahhhh! Tough Crowd!

Emails to various open mic venues sent and replies both eagerly and nervously awaited and I have to admit, stand or fall I couldn’t recommend taking the trip to discomfort city enough.There’s every chance that next year  may well be a  ‘ Police Academy II ‘ year for me  as far as sequels go but as luck would have it , I looked at the label on my new coat and it does state ‘ tomato resistant ‘

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One response to “The Year Of the Butterflies effect. Part II. The sequel”

  1. andreascultureblog says :

    Oh my days, Johny! How brave are you? Book me a front row seat.

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