A Magical Pantomime Awash With Swash and Buckle!

Well, wasn’t this a surprise! Not the usual panto extravaganza that you get from the Pavilion but still a good, entertaining evening with the family.

This was more of a story line with elements of panto sprinkled here and there courtesy of Derek Moran as Smee and the fabulous Gary Turner who plays a superb Captain Hook. Humour was alive and we laughed in all the right places throughout this jaunt to Neverneverland.

We were all overawed by the speciality comedy acrobat act from the Nitwits.

These guys really pulled it off, acting as the humorous pirate crew, bumbling their way through the labyrinth of storyline that was Peter Pan, the story of a boy who never grew up.The pirate gang was a barrel of laughs throughout the performance.

Jack McMullen kept his head as Peter, flying on and off stage with precision much to the delight of the young audience.

If you are looking for light entertainment that will keep both you and the children engaged with the action then this is the panto to see.

A good, well heeled storyline with characters aplenty to give good cheer this holiday season.

Don’t miss the crocodile as it glides across the stage in pursuit of Hook and his ghastly comical pirate crew….you will be in stitches with this one.

Make the drive and make the connection with a fantastic venue giving an excellent evenings entertainment for you and all the family.

Visit this festive treat, with songs, dance and laughs that are good enough to eat! Perfect for all ages, I thoroughly enjoyed it with the girls but make a day of it with visits to the fantastic leisure facilities that now embrace the new New Brighton.

New Brighton Floral Pavilion Tel 0151 666 0000


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