Fifty Shades of New Year Resolutions! Take Your Pick…

1.Stay on your feet.

2. Buy a lottery ticket.

3.Eat your greens.

4.Love and be loved!

5.Know your limits 3/4 units a day.

6.Hold on to number 4!

7.Get tech savvy.

8.Go to the park.

9.Book a holiday in the sun.

10.Buy some fake tan.

11.Avoid cosmetic surgery.

12.Go to church for once.

13.Learn text speak.

14.Find the cheapest unleaded.

15.Buy a bunch of flowers for somebody.

16.Gangham style at a party.

17.Always have change for the multi-story.

18.Burn it with HIIT

19.Get rid of tattoos.

20.Dress to impress.

21.Remember to smile.

22.Drink lots of water.

23.Change your clothes image.

24.Get a health check.

25.Stop swearing.

26.Be a bit more eco.

27.Donate to a foodbank.

28.Pace yourself and life.

29.Get an eye test.

30.Save some money.

31.Sign up to our Culture site.

32.Master the art of complaining.

33.Only offer advice when it is asked for.

34.Go to the library.

35.Get some goals in life.

36.Visit a local beach for an hour

37.Achieve your goals.

38.Always drive to the limit.

39.Concentrate on those that mean alot to you.

40.Upgrade your mobile.

41.Spend time with the kids.

42.Keep a diary.

43.Go for a swim.

44.Buy a daily and read it all.

45.Take up a musical hobby.

46.Sign up to a night school.

47.Buy a Big Issue and read it.

48.Make a trip to the cinema.

49.Always think before you tweet.

50.Stop worrying about things

you cannot affect.

One response to “Fifty Shades of New Year Resolutions! Take Your Pick…”

  1. andreascultureblog says :

    I’d struggle with some of them, Andy! And I LIKE my tattoos!

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