Wow! It’s Kerry Darlington at Rennies Bold Street.

Well, you don’t have to go to a museum or art gallery to find good art displayed like this…Kerry Darlington’ art at a local gallery in Liverpool, is just a knockout.

I always pay a visit to Rennies Art Gallery when I walk down Bold Street, especially after stopping off at  Leaf on an  Saturday afternoon or early Friday evening.

Last summer I passed Rennies Gallery and popped in .. and…. Wow! was I knocked out by the paintings of this artist..colourful….. vibrant….comical ..lively…and they made me smile. I liked her art then, now she’s back with a truck load of medals and more exotic, masterpieces.

I could live with one of these pictures and…….. wake up with it….so busy and even after a few visits eyeing up one painting, I found on another visit there was still stuff in the painting I had not seen. It’s like looking at one of those ‘Where’s Wally’  puzzle pages.

I admire this artist who has used all her skills and resources learn’t over the years travelling abroard.

Recently she has just won the ‘Fine Art Trade Guilds’s Award’ for best selling artist of 2012.

Kerry grew up in a North Wales coastal town with a talent fuelled as a child by beautiful old picture books – Rackham, Dulac and Beardsley which developed into her gaining a degree in illustration in 1996.

Following university, she left the UK to work in Bolivia, South America, an adventure which intensified the vibrancy and creativity of her work.

Kerry now works independently from her North Wales studio, using all her influences and her artistic flexibility to create pieces of art on a wide variety of subjects. This art work is uniquely formed upon board or canvas first, using texture and gessos. The colour is then built upon in layers to create depth.

Her abstract pieces were initially based upon satellite photographs of Earth which not so long ago created the highly successful ‘Volcanic’collection of 2005/6.

Her work has since diversified to include contemporary landscapes and figure work, all carrying her unique style. The Alice in Wonderland paintings are mesmerizing.

Her acrylic paintings are a pleasure to look at and worthy of a visit to Rennies Art Gallery on Friday 25th January when she will put in an appearance with the usual hospitality for visitors keen to view her outstanding work.

Rennies Art Gallery, 61 Bold Street, Liverpool L14EZ . Tel 0151 708 0599

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