League of Welldoers Charity Concert on their 120th Anniversary – Liverpool Philharmonic Monday 21st January 2013

league of welldoersThis year is the 120th anniversary of Liverpool’s oldest independent charity, the League of Welldoers which has been caring for the community since 1893 and is based at the Lee Jones Centre at Limekiln Lane Liverpool 5.

Herbert Lee Jackson Jones was born in Runcorn in 1868 .  He was educated in Liverpool College, becoming proficient in art and wood engraving and although he thought about a career in the church he gave this up to devote his life to philanthropy, funding the ‘Liverpool Food Association’ in 1893 soon to be renamed the ‘Food and Betterment Association’ and then ‘The League of Welldoers’ in 1909.

This charity relies for funding almost entirely on the generosity of individuals and its  fund-raising to make ends meet. Its activities offer pensioners clubs, lunches and activities together with many other groups taking advantage of this community facility.

This Monday at 2.00pm the Philharmonic hosts the New Year Benefit Concert with an afternoon of music, comedy and dancing by eight top acts.

What a legacy Lee Jones left to this City and sadly we see Food Banks again playing a part in supporting our communities in times of crisis.

What a great way to enjoy a Monday afternoon and support this wonderful charity.

For more details visit www.liverpoolphil.com

Hope to see you there!

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