Love History – Love this tour of Liverpool Real Ale Pubs

7 febMy daughter bought me my membership of CAMRA last year for my birthday, and thoughtfully bought me a tour of Liverpool’s real ale pubs for this one.  Not researching it before going on this history tour I was not sure what to expect but did think what a good excuse for a night out.  So booking for Thursday night. my good friend Frank, in his mafia mac and beret, and me in my scarf and cap,  looking like the mad sort of people you would associate with drinking ‘real ale’, joined the Captain and his crew at the first pub, Ma Boyles.  Here we met our fellow passengers on this adventure that started off with a welcome drink.  The Captain gave a short talk on the history of the pub and it’s associations with sailors.  The actress then portrayed the part of a sailor’s wife and it led onto a shanty sung by another crew member.  Each one was absolutely great in putting their stories across.  How organised this was, with two of the crew taking our order for drinks and running ahead to the next pub to order ready for our arrival.

What a surprise I had to find that not only was this a real ale pub crawl, a history tour but also a shanty song experience.  I was in my element because I knew all the words.  By the end of the tour after visiting The Ye Hole in ye Wall, Thomas Rigbys, the Excelsior and finishing in Dr Duncans we were all singing along and getting to know one another.  Two of the friends we made on the night, Bernie and Jimmy, whose daughter had also bought him the tour, also had a great evening.

Captain and Ukelele

Captain and ukulele

Most of the people on the tour were from Liverpool and I feel that this tour suited not only local people but tourists to this great city who would appreciate not only the history, the real ale, the singing but also the wonderful humour and the hospitality of our Captain and crew.

A great big thank you to Zoe, my daughter, for my great birthday present.  I will be looking forward to future tours from this company and more great night outs.

Its Liverpool.  Happy Days.

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  1. zmaths14 says :

    Sounds great Dad, glad you enjoyed it x

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