Children’s Hour…..The Return of C.S.Lewis at St George’s Hall 11th-23rd February

Children’s literature goes through fads and phases, with some of our greatest children’s writers like Blyton, Dahl, J. K. Rowling with the Harry Potter books, and now the Twilight series taking readership to thousands of children on the back of a TV and film series.

It’s good to get back to some of our legendary authors once in a while, and this happens with good stories and wise moves from our film industry.

C.S.Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia series of seven fantasy novels, set in a  world of magic and talking animals, between 1947 and 1954. They are still popular today.

They have sold more than 100 million copies in almost fifteen languages.

The recent ‘Nania Experience’ at St Georges Hall between February 11th-23rd brings the winter wonderland story alive to all. This is a great experience for our children to have, but I would urge all you budding Narnians to familiarise yourself with the text before a venture to St George’s Hall. Teachers will certainly prime their classes with the characters from the novels well before a visit.

Two years ago, St George’s Hall was transformed into a Nania winter wonderland, and the organisers, In Another Place, planned another production.

During the Hope Street Festival in September, I spoke to some of the stage crew advertising the event and they were hoping to beat the 2011 number of visitors of 17,000 with this one.

A recent visit to the set certainly gave the impression they were up for it this year.

They told me then, that the new version would return with a walk through the forest having just minor alterations to the set and script.

Well, they have exceeded themselves this time, and will certainly bring joy and imagination alive to the hundreds of school children and visitors alike, who will take a stroll through this experience.

Today, visitors will step into a wardrobe of fur coats at 15 minute intervals and stumble upon a wintry forest of 80 pine trees (real).

The public take on the roles of either child character Lucy or Edmund, and follow the story meeting Mr Tumnus, Mrs Beaver and The White Witch.

From, fantasy, imagination and fantastic mystery, young families with children aged three and upwards will be enchantered by the experience. Our little ones will meet Mr Tumnus in his snowy forest, and the White Witch in her castle, giving them a treat only ever experienced in the past with the likes of a department store Christmas grotto circa 1960 with all the elf trimmings.

Knowledge of the story is helpful to fully appreciate the realisation of the passage taken on this tour, but clips from the recent film version help move the action along, as you are guided through the different settings.

Yes, you can join Mr Tumnus at his cosy fireside and see the Beaver’s Lodge, then step across the stones to Aslan’s camp, via the Witch’s castle, that’s if you have chosen Edmunds path.

Enjoy the visit by booking on Tel 0151 924 4468 or


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