ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? Confessions of a closet Ham

AzOys-xCMAEomDV.jpg largeOver the  years we’ve witnessed the recognition of several Liverpool born acting talents who now seem in that privileged ‘ here to stay’ position. The likes of David Morrisey, Jason Isaacs,  Stephen Graham and Ian Hart are just a few that immediately spring to mind and they wouldn’t get you very far in a game of pointless. Being someone who once attempted to tread the boards in several school productions ( most notably my method approach as ‘third tree to the right’ and by method I mean completely wooden) I’ve always had a compulsion to entertain and to also delude myself that I am an entertainer. Not in the same ambitious style as the aforementioned stars but nonetheless with an equal amount of enthusiasm. My biggest obstacle though has been that as a forty something where  I  could go to scratch this itch and it’s only until now that I’ve found such a place.

121390651Located at 36 Seel street The Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre as well as being a home for upcoming new productions is now holding both writing and acting workshops . Starting 26th February and led by it’s two experienced directors Cath Rice and Barry English, the classes aim to develop   abilities in the likes of sight reading,  characterisation, improvisation etc.. All the tools you’ll need to perform. I’m hoping that my ‘stan is laughing at me’ method  becomes more the ‘Stanislavski ‘   within me. I’ve been to this theatre before and know just how inclusive of  it’s audience it is during a production so to hopefully become involved in what it’s now offering is  an exciting prospect and one I’m really looking forward to but I promise I will resist the temptation to wear my Huge scarf or Air kiss and I most definitely won’t mention ” The Scottish Play.”

For information on available classes and forthcoming productions click:

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  1. liverpoolculturalchampionrayfosberg says :

    To be or not to be that is the question!!! Wishing you all the best in your new venture John.

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