Courtney Pine’s Caribbean Jazz Fusion

The Liverpool International Jazz Festival, a first for Liverpool provided a wonderful platform at the Capstone Theatre for some amazing Jazz Artists to wow their audiences.  This event offered  a selection of free sessions to see some of our local Liverpool jazz artists such as Perrie and Neil Quartet, Blind Monk Trio, White Canvas, Martin Smith’s The Weave and GORP. Curly Woodwind the retailer, also provided free saxophone workshops and master classes  for those keen budding musicians.

Sunday 3rd March saw the finale of this great four- day event, and being present on that last day to witness Courtney Pine a Master Jazz Musician  entertain, captivate and enthrall his audience was a joy to behold.  Courtney, playing a variety of his Clarinets, was supported by four fellow musicians a Drummer, Guitarist, Base Guitarist and surprisingly Steel Band Player.  The jazz  purist in attendance, may have thought it odd to have a Pan instrument present, but that strong Caribbean influence was incorporated throughout every instrumental piece – a reflection of the artist proud Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Courtney engaged the audience during brief musical interludes,  by explaining his support of and his involvement with the Capstone Theatre.  His acknowledgement  of the great Dave Brubeck (whose son was in the audience) and the late Lesley Hutchinson was applauded.  “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley saw Courtney Pine orchestrating the audience  to really sing out,  and participate during this set piece.  How could we refuse – as the  rhythm of the music and instrumental interpretation, took you on a journey way beyond our shores, and temperate climate.

I was simply  amazed at Mr. Pine’s lung capacity, I found myself breathing for him,  as at times during his playing, he did not seem to come up for air.  Did I enjoy this jazz performance of Courtney Pine and his fellow musicians? YES, MOST CERTAINLY!

A “must see” gig. Go check him out during his “House of Legends”  Tour.

ps. I’m loving the Capstone Theatre Building with its great user-friendly facilities.

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