‘Particle Velocity’ by Phoenix Dance Explode at the Playhouse 12th and 13th March

Phoenix dance are back again with their latest exhilarating programme of four new works in a terrific evening of diverse dance, lyrical choreography, punchy physicality and intriguing movement.

With a title brand name of ‘Particle Velocity’ and works by distinguished contemporary choreographers and artistic directors Jose Agudo, Richard Alston, Douglas Thorpe and Sharon Watson, then you are in for a night of radiating energy.

Set to a special commissioned score, artistic director Sharon Watson’s latest work uses movement to unravel our genetic code, and create a passionate, musical, human dance theatre. It takes the audience on a volatile journey through the fascinating world of DNA, set to forms of entangled shapes that collide to a special score by renowned composer Kenneth Hesketh.

If you want spellbinding dance, then be visually impressed with this piece.

‘Tender Crazy Love’ by Douglas Thorpe pushes the extremes of desire in this passionate new work that’s an explosive, powerful dance showing a blistering duet that features his trademark raw, visceral choreography second to none.

‘Ki’ by Jose Agudo is a hybrid movement that reflects a martial arts flavour both abstract and physical, poetic and hard hitting. This work intrigues, inspires and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is a ferocious solo, inspired by the fearsome Mongol warlord Genghis khan.

‘All Alight’ by Richard Alston is an elegant down to earth piece enjoyed to Ravel’s Sonato for violin and cello.

There is something for all in tonights performances from this popular Leeds based company. A company that not only performs but educates you in the thoughts, creative process and concepts behind the pieces. This was the company that brought Soundclash, the fascinating world of cymatics and soundwaves to life on stage. A company that showcased to the world the riches, this country has to offer artistically in the Cultural Olympiad. The dancers at Phoenix are as much athletes as they are performers, and the dedication, hard work and commitment it takes to reach the very top of both fields is remarkably similar.

If you haven’t explored contemporary dance, then I suggest you give it a go by visiting the Playhouse.

Tel 0151 709 4776

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