Philip Pullman’s I Was A Rat! EVERYMAN PLAYHOUSE

‘I Was a Rat’ will surprise, delight and move audiences of all ages.

I saw “Teatro Kismet” perform once and was hooked on their theatrical

The Italian influence in tonights performance was very evident. Vibrant, exciting and innovative.

The theatre company tonight has a fantastic reputation for creating highly visual performances with an imaginative appeal that cuts right across the generations.

You will be spellbound and excited to see how the power of a fairytale experience can touch an audience of all ages, and how physical performance and music can bewitch and enchant your senses and immerse you into believing you are observing an adventure before your eyes.

‘I Was A Rat’ is really a gripping theatrical tale to thrill all ages.

A fantastic theatre experience, a fantasia of characters, costume and production, with some wonderful acting enraptured with a simple but compelling story line.

If you enjoyed last years offering of ‘Swallows and Amazons’ then this plate will certainly give you a well earned feast.

Philip Pullman’s gripping story is brought to life on the stage for the first time, combining humour, fantasy, and adventure in this moving and darkly comic tale of a very well known story. A story that slowly in this stage adaption, reveals its connection to one of THE most famous tales of all time.

Philip Pullman like fellow authors Michael Morpurgo and Dahl have all had their works stage managed. They are supreme literary dreamers and magicians of our time.

The story, adapted and directed by Teresa Ludoico, artistic director of Teatro Kismet in Bari, Southern Italy gives echoes of Oliver Twist.

The story gives a Dickensian quality with deep implants of Gormenghast and strong elements of commedia dell’arte-male actors donning an assortment of false noses, conical hats and strapped-on boobs to represent figures of authority.

This is an intriguing play that just keeps you engaged from beginning to end, with foot tapping music, and an excitment in every stage entrance.

For something a little bit different in theatre experience, with a touch of European culture then this is a delight to watch.
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