A Spellbinding, Interactive, Illuminating Event!!!!

This was a marvellous, interesting and informative exhibition.

I love walking away from exhibitions, having learn’t something, but it’s better still if you can pick up the odd skill and that’s what you can get here.

Liverpool’s Lantern Company exhibition not only sold themselves and the fantasic work they do, but it also launched the opening of St George’s Halls previously hidden basement.

Here in this basement, you can see the Escher-like optical illusion of the brick arches of the world’s very first air conditioning system.

Around all this, the Lantern company has brought together an exhibition showing the very best of their weird and wonderful creations to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Giant skelletons adorn the Hall, contorted chararacters and enchanting animals light up St George’s Hall in a frenzy of magic.

For a small charge children and adults can take part in some of their art workshops, giving you hands-on creativity.
Masterclasses are also available for the amateur and professional artists giving you a chamce to expand that skill.

My visit was definately illuminated by the giant creatures and the ‘up close’ behind the scenes sense the puppeters gave us when we wandered the exhibition. I got a real sense of the workings and mechanics of the Company.
It was also interesting talking to the Company staff as they created new works right before our eyes.

It was brilliant to ‘draw back the curtain’ on a company and see the phenomenal work that goes on and how raw materials and crazy ideas become the active ingredients of our Liverpool parades.

Take a glimpse at a fascinating creative Company this Easter. But, especially with the children.
St George’s Hall
St George’s Place Tel 0151 225 6911

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