The Trench………..Wed 10th April 8pm Unity Theatre

For a drama to get a five star rating from theatre critics…….. is a fete, but the award-winning team behind ‘The Terrible Infants’ have presented a play, inspired by the true story of a miner who became entombed in a tunnel during World War I.

As you sit watching this nightmare, you are also entombed in the horror that threatens to engulf him, as he starts to discover a new, strange world.
Setting off on an epic journey of salvation; the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur as he and in some ways you as an observer, question what’s real, what’s not and whether it even matters.

This award-winning Edinburgh Fringe ‘sell out’ production is pure stage magic!

The Trench is a drama that blends live music, puppetry and physical performance. Be prepared for some strange happenings when not everything in the darkness of the trench is what it seems, when a strange world is discovered beneath the mud and death.

If you want a total theatre experience of engrossing intensity then book this one now, but beware, tickets are selling fast.

It’s a play that will certainly haunt you days and even nights after, and it will give you that overall vision that stays with you like a strange, significant dream.

This is the sort of drama I love to walk away from… gives you something to think about… it keeps you on the edge…it draws you in …deeper than you can imagine…..deeper than your inner thoughts can cope with.
If you feel strong enough, then this is the drama for you.

The Trench Unity Theatre
Tel 0844 873 2888

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