Rehab launch party Camp and Furnace Sat 27th April

Just returned from a week of intensive outdoor pursuits, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, rock scrambling, orienteering, caving, beach partying and all things wild and exciting in the mountains and hills of the beautiful landscape of Lake Coniston in the Lake District.

One afternoon was spent exploring the canyons and caves of Slaters Quarry, where they filmed Snow White and the Huntsman……all of us togged up with lighted candles… as we walked in semi-darkness holding onto each-other along dark, dark winding passages until we extinguished the light and then…… Dramatic stuff that fills your wellies with terror. All this was at the Low Bank Ground Outward Bound Centre, Coniston….well worth a cheap weekend visit!!!

Anyway, now I’m back, Rehab at the Camp and Furnace is launching it’s new party with music from inimitable guests.

This is a new underground night coming to Liverpool with some of the best DJ’s from around the world.

Phil Week’s DJ/producer to name one. Phil is a house music purist mixing old Chicago with a nu-school French flame going from the deepest house to the techiest, even with his vinyls.

Full bar and facilities will make this a night to remember, so join Phil and friends David Glass and Infinite Soul for a memorable evening of hot, pulse beating dance, and music making fun on Saturday 28th April from 9pm-late at Camp and Furnace, Greenland Street.

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