Cansei der Ser Sexy…14th May East Village Arts Club

Yes, Yes, Yes…..this is the Sao Paulo art-pop outfit that became known for bringing glitter and day-glow cat-suits to music festivals following the release of their debut album Cansei der Ser Sexy in 2006 and its follow up,in 2008. CSS are a group on fire and they certainly have fun on stage and well worth a visit for an awesome night.

This is Brazils most provocative, freewheeling, dance-rock sextet. A group formed in 2003, after meeting at clubs and through internet social networking, now hitting the international scene and doing really well.

Listen and see the group of girls perform ‘Echo of Love’ and ‘Red Alert’ and you’d see them again in a heartbeat! So much fun, you’ll have bruises all over your legs and arms if you dance near the stage- always the sign of a good gig.

Now after a three-year break CSS are back and ready to perform their latest album, La Liberacion at Liverpool’s recently opened East Village Arts Club.
If you want a mid-week dance, punk-reggae fusion then take a trip down to 90 Seel Street Liverpool 1 for La Liberacion.


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