Mary Pearson’s ‘Failure’ (and Other Opportunities For Non-Linear Success)

Don’t miss Friday 31st May 8pm at the Unity Theatre for Mary Pearson’s one-woman show. This show is part of Physical Fest, the only festival of it’s kind in Europe and it returns for its 9th annual outing, and this year it is set to be the biggest and best yet, with a superb line-up of performers to thrill and entertain.

The Fest was launched on 24th May at the Unity Theatre and will showcase companies that are entertaining and dynamic in their performances.

The last time I wrote about one of the Unity’s plays…….it was a complete sellout. I strongly advise you get tickets quickly for this one.

Left standing at the disco. Caught naked on the red carpet. Gathering dust after the big sale.
And recalled.
Fashion victim, aspiring pop-diva and a chronic underachiever is suddenly consumed by delusional fantasies of commercial success.

This is the play, with all the right stuff in it that’s entertaining, absorbing from the start and a reflection on what maybe aspects of your inner self….all you ever wanted to do but didn’t.

Watch with amusement, outrage, empathy, embarrassment and relief as pedestal becomes soapbox and FAILURE turns into freedom.

This is a superb, engrossing new solo performance bringing together visual absurdity with contemporary dance, comedy and social commentary.
Watch and Enjoy.
Spread the Word.
Liverpool Unity Theatre 1 Hope Place
0844 873 2888

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