Polish Midsummer Festival Saturday 22nd June L’pool One

Hello! My name is Veronika and the Champion has allowed me to write this blog about an event happening on Saturday.

In 2000, the Council of Europe bestowed on the Polish city of Krakow the title of European Cultural Capital and it was the scene of dozens of exhibitions, theatre productions and musical events.

Eight years later it was Liverpool’s turn to carry the crown, and we all know the story of that. A one and a half hour flight from John Lennon Airport to Krakow would give you a superb insight into how the years of cultural activities have given this magical, historical city the edge.

A chance meeting in the Medieval backstreets of this city with Nigel Kennedy (who lives there), his Polish wife and my family, was a night to remember as we jammed our own musical chords in the subterranean vaulted resturants and clubs, and danced the night away. Nigel played violin, we played piano, flute and vocals and it all seemed normal….that’s krakow!

We always head for this city knowing that life will be lived to its fullest. For if you visit this city you will fall in love with it and return again and again always finding something new.

The reason why I mention all this is that on Saturday 22nd June, Chavasse Park will host a Festival that will give you all the information you need to visit the Polish city and more in a fantastic country with a wealth of history, National Parks and countryside.

Folklore bands will play; traditional songs will lyric the air, flower garland craft workshops will abound and dance lessons will be taught in the cafe quarter.

Try the delicious bread, smoked cheese, rye soup, dumplings, Bigos(traditional stew) and grilled sausages along with five different shots of Polish spirits including the famous Wyborowa rye vodka and Slivovitz plum brandy. Our expert guides will explain everything to you and give you some Polish recipes to take home. Yummy!
Pick up a brochure about a beautiful unexplored country from the Polish Tourist Info stand and ask as many questions as you want ….and give it a go….this summer!

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