‘A Field in England’ 5th July FACT L’pool

Apart from the ‘Three Musketeers’, historically, there is not much on the film scene highlighting the English Civil War until now with this startling journey into the darkest parts of England, and directed by Ben Wheatley.

This is a paranoid thriller at its best.

‘A Field in England’is a nightmarish black comedy that will linger with you long after the menacing final scenes.

Set in 1648 during the Civil War, the film follows a small group of deserters who flee a bloody battle.
Lost and hungry, they stumble into a wide field, where an alchemist tricks them into eating a bowl of powerful hallucinogenic mushrooms, before forcing them to find treasure he believes is buried nearby.

What follows next is a period film filled with a deeply disturbing, unsettling psychedelic acid trip with a deranged alchemist and people wearing big hats.

The whole scene falls somewhere between Apocalypse Now, Time team and The League of Gentlemen. Shot in washed-out black and white, the blur of the images and 17th century speak give the film that unique, undisputed charm…not to be missed.

It’s a gripping film with mushrooms, madness, battle scenes and gold contributing to dark deeds in Civil War era rural England.

This is a film that I thoroughly enjoyed, laughed at, marvelled at the period atmosphere and costumes and give a big toast to a remarkable piece of cinema.

It’s worthy of the Picture House recommendation bringing a film from an innovative director proving that there are still people willing to take a risk on a great story in British cinema.
If you have the time….then visit Fact ,if not then Friday Film 4 10.45pm

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