‘Portraits’ 5th July Corke Art Gallery

Corke Gallery has exploded this week with an exhibition of original paintings and drawings by some of the countries top portrait artists. This viewing is not to be missed!

Entitled ‘PORTRAITS’, the seven popular British artists in the exhibition have been joined by several Romanian portrait artists with their own unique brand of artistry capturing portraits influenced by their historical and cultural shadows of the past.

UK artist Peter Edwards, has a fine pedigree of awards with his portraits found in practically all UK galleries and, internationally well known with elements of his work in New York.

Emma Tooth, a favourite of mine and someone I reviewed a few months ago has joined John Afflick to combine their talents by using fine art and modern painting styles to create todays people in the style of the Old Masters…..excellent!
The imagination of John certainly comes alive and makes me laugh when we see his George Best ‘Simply the Best’. It’s art like this that says ‘buy me’…’Keep me’…..’hang me up on your wall’….

Simon A Yorke produces hyper realistc portraits in colour and monochrome but the Liverpool artist Meesh, creates haunting portraits which capture pure emotion. If you like ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch then you’ve got the picture.

Finally, Random produces a stenciled art but Paul Baywater puts his time into sculpturing portraits in pencil that give a form chiselled to perfection and detail showing age and the passage of time.
So, if you have the time, venture to Aigburth and the Corke Gallery. Make this venue a feature of your cultural itinerary for the future and you’ll be delighted with the friends you will meet and the rich diversity of art you will engage with.
You will see art at the cutting edge, with artists bubbling with emotion and excitement, willing to share ideas and the enthusiasm of their art.
Stop Press……Just been sent an email from Nic Corke and he tells me he’s added another three artists to the exhibition, Huw Lewis Jones, Michael Goodwin and Ken Bullock so it’s rather a packed show with a wide variety of styles including fine art, impressionism, hyper realism, pop art and paper stencil/street art in oils, acrylics, watercolours, graffiti spray and mixed media.
This weekend take a trip to the Sefton Park boating lake then a walk across to Corke Gallery.

Corke Art Gallery in South Liverpool.
Thursday-Sunday 2pm-5.30pm
Tel 07773 287827

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