“I Believe In You”…….Helen Maher vocalist, musician.

On a recent trip to Fir Tree Farm Rainford, Helen made me laugh when she sat down on a portable stool in the middle of a field full of poppies and played her accordion with such professionalism. The whole scene looked right out of a Cezanne painting…picturesque, melodic and fitted the occasion perfectly on that warm, sunny afternoon. I will never forget it!

You don’t often find somebody that talented playing an instrument like that with such enthusiasm and skill. With her vocals and the tunes rolling off one after another, it was a delight to be entertained.
Helen just doesn’t entertain me though, her audience ranges from nightclubs to weddings and just about anything that requires the musical talents of an accordionist and vocalist. A touch unusual, but brilliant in execution!.

The reason why I have a fascination in Helen and her musical skills, is that from an early age my mother was trained in Liverpool as an accordionist but later developed her keynote skills into a concert pianist, travelling throughout Europe and it is here that I picked up my thirst for music.
Helen was keen to meet mum and talk about the days gone by and rescue some of the old accordion manuscripts, long forgotten but worthy of a revival in Helens capable and professional hands.

I never forgot mums comments about street corner accordionists, and even todays lone squeeze box contortionists that frequent Bold Street and the back streets of Liverpool, as unprofessional and lacking in style and quality.

When you’ve had years and years of training and performed in places like the Halle and Palace Manchester theatres, along with the many theatres in Liverpool at the time, before and after the war …she is right. You don’t want to give the instrument a bad name.
As the Kylie Minogue song goes in ‘Performance’ “I believe in You”….. and I believe in Helen giving a fantastic performance anywhere….she certainly will be on my list for an event and you will never forget her brilliant musical talents if you book her.
Helen Maher
07974 426 909

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