Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Farmaggedon !

Yes, Yes, Yes…Here we are again and nothing has changed or has it?

To take the family here would class you as an irresponsible parent, but to take your mates, that’s a different story.

There are three houses to choose…Terror on the Farm, Insanity and the mind twisting Psychosis……you enter one ….so let’s take the Hitchcock’s “Psycho”……shower scene, with you walking in a tunnel, dark with the occasional unexpected flash of sharp light, colour, screams and metallic bangs all around you….you’re clawing at the plastic shower curtain that’s never ending, but all around you, moving on, ever forward, pushing, jostling your mates in front…willing the end of the nightmare tunnel, but still interrupted along the way by maniacs jumping out of the shadows on every corner… screaming at you …you scream at them…they follow you to the end…whispering in your ear and then, when you think it’s all over, you leave the set only to be chased by a mad chain saw lunatic…..and it’s dark outside!!! Yes, for cutting edge showers, you have just booked into Bates Motel.

Enter another house and you are in the aptly named “Dead End”.
You are chased to Hell and back along never ending tight corridors by these maniacs…Good stuff!! Hair on the back of your neck!!!!

Just when you think your out of it all, and happen to take a breather, then don’t…because around every corner it’s the unexplicable …..a zombie…a manic clown that just won’t go away….an eight foot skeleton corpse that lurches behind you menacingly, peeping around corners……waiting….and you run another gauntlet…it’s all there to keep you entertained, on your toes and your adrenalin going right to the end ….and when you think it’s all over you enter the carpark and he is there again. Ahhh…!!! Nightmare!!!

A lot of work has gone into the sets with a revamp every year, housing new ideas courtesy of the USA, and all being drafted in to add that extra edge, that new dimension, that dynamic scare factor that certainly works.

Go to this with an open mind and you will enjoy every intense, adrenalin punch it gives.

Better still, don’t go to this alone…..band together for a night of fun, scream and terror and it will give you something to talk about for the rest of the year.



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