Garston Reads Tonight

What a pleasure it was to read that a library has a following and support from the community to such an extent that it can afford to create a Friend’s Association and put on guest speakers.

Three Cheers! for The Friends of Garston Library who invite all, to one or all of a series of evenings for lovers of literature.

I have always loved books and in this digital age, I still think it’s good to hold a book and have a read, plus the value added of supporting the local library.

With the internet taking the place of the “encyclopedia” as a research tool, libraries can still be a mecca for learning through their vast banks of data.

At the age of five, and I remember it to this day when, I joined Lodge Lane library and continued to Childwall Five Ways, Allerton and the International library when I was studying languages right up to today, where the new Larkhill library finds me buried in a plethora of literature.

I still remember going to the Picton library in 1964 to receive the Liverpool Primary School Library Prize for writing the best story. Alun Owen presented me with the prize, and I think he was a big writer with the BBC in Z Cars and Play for Today at the time.

The Friends of Garston Library have provided us with a few talks by leading authors over the next few autumn months so it’s well worth a drop-in if you can spare the time.

On 19th September the Society has a focus on crime and detective fiction with guest speaker Martin Edwards, who is an award winner of crime novels with about 50 short crime stories under his belt.

With a legal background, he has written an illustrated book on how the police take a homicide case from crime scene to court and he has published seven legal books and reviewed crime fiction for numerous magazines and newspapers as well as writing his series of crime novels.

On 17th October, the topic changes to local history with guest speaker Mike Axworthy and on the 21st November they have a poetry evening with guests from the Dead Good Poets Society.

Each event is free (with refreshments) and runs from 6.30pm to 8pm, with talks scheduled to start at 6.30pm.

If you would like to join them, then just turn up at the Library, Bowden Road, Garston for what will surely be an entertaining few evenings.

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