‘A Day of Pleasure’….stories of a boy growing up in Warsaw.

Performed by Stewart Richman who discovered the book in a junk shop, read it, and was captivised by its passion in telling the story of a young Jewish boy growing up in pre-war Warsaw.

Stewart Richman – a founding member of the Liverpool Everyman Acting Company, recalls ‘A Day of Pleasure’ written by Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Polish Nobel Prize Winner.

This is a story at …..
A time of ease and fortitude before the holocaust that was about to erupt and turn the family life and culture of those subjected to the torture and inhuman sufferance; a time that would never ever be returned to.

Periodic trips to Poland, especially Krakow, always draws me to the old Jewish quarter of ‘Kazimerz’ which is now a tourist magnet for followers of Schindler’s List and the endless supply of Holocaust film related stories, with people looking for the ‘girl in the red coat’.

But, walking the cobbled streets and looking at the Mediterranean styled buildings certainly draws you into the story and history of those people.

You can empathise and be totally taken back to the time in an instance.

Likewise, Stewart Richman’s retelling of the tale of a Jewish boy growing up in pre-war Warsaw, draws you in, and you can live and believe.

Planned to be performed last year, it was cancelled due to Stewarts ill health.

I searched high and low for a copy of the book ‘A Day of Pleasure’, eventually getting it ordered from a bookseller in Bold Street.

The book was taken to Poland along with other copies of the Nobel Prize winners literature and I spent that summer reading and understanding the author and his works.

Apart from the poets Czeslaw Milosz and Wislawa Szymborska, I didn’t know of any other Nobel Prize winners from Poland so I learn’t something new and discovered that one of his other books was Yentel, taken on board by Hollywood with Barbara Streisland playing a lead roll.

Theatre offers you the chance to open your mind to stage productions and introduces you to artists, actors, authors, directors etc….that summer I was introduced to an author….Isaac Bashevis Singer and now understand why in New York 1978, he was travelling to Stockholm to collect the Nobel Prize for literature.

If you have the time, pick up a ticket for ‘A Day of Pleasure’ Thursday 26th to Sat 28th September at the Playhouse Studio Tel 0151 709 4776 and have a night of pleasure listening to the legendary Stewart Richman.


2 responses to “‘A Day of Pleasure’….stories of a boy growing up in Warsaw.”

  1. Monika says :

    What an amazing performance!

  2. Monika says :

    I did go to see it last Saturday. What an amazing performance! Singer is a fenomenal writer. The most popular play in Poland is the Magician of Lublin. It is performed every summer season in Bagatela Theatre in Cracow. It was fascinating to watch another play of the Polish born writer. It was humorous and preserved some deep vision of Poland between the wars. I loved the pronunciation of Polish words – Krochmalna Street, Goraj, Biłgoraj( I was brought up near Biłgoraj). The most memorable and funny piece of the play is when the actor discovers the true nature of writer’s profession. When Singer was a child they called him a liar. When he is an adult they call him a writer. I could not stop laughing! Fenomenal!

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