Photography exhibit: Solo by Michael Kirkham

The super-talented photographer Michael Kirkham has launched his first solo exhibition at Head Space at The Egg, Newington, L1.

I first met Michael when we were both working as part of The Threshold Festival 2013 press team. I was writing about the launch of the festival and the arts on show.  Michael took the pictures and when I saw them, I was blown away.  Already awesome at live band shots, Michael turned his lens on the art and really brought it all to life.

"Queen" by Michael Kirkham

“Queen” by Michael Kirkham

Having displayed his work at Bootle’s fab Art Gallery and being published in “Liverpool: City of Radicals” (Liverpool University Press), Michael’s new solo exhibit shows more of Michael the bloke.

Michael has a knack for über-realism and for picking interesting people for his subjects.

One of my personal favourites of the year “Queen” is there in all its glory.  I could stand and stare at this L8 lady’s face forever.

"Burn Baby Burn" by Michael Kirkham

“Burn Baby Burn” by Michael Kirkham

As well as his beautifully observed faces and street scenes, Michael’s political activism is on show here, including the thought-provoking “Burn Baby Burn”, a protest picture taken on the day Margaret Thatcher died, which features one man triumphantly holding a carton of milk aloft.

Michael’s exhibition is on at Egg Space until 27 October and is well worth checking out.

You can also have a look at the extraordinarily wide variety of Michael’s work by checking out his website

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