1984 – The Review – Liverpool Playhouse

For those who hadn’t read the book before seeing the play, the opening may have been a bit confusing. The world of The Party where everyone is told what to do, what to think and the past is rewritten and altered to fit was brought to life on the stage through a combination of live action and live action delivered via video to a large screen. The two minutes of hate stood out as an example of how society can be taught to do things against their very nature as it becomes the norm and more than that becomes punishable if not done. The play highlighted words that we have in common usage ‘Big Brother is watching you’ and ‘Room 101’.

The lead Mark Arends, who was not off stage or camera for the whole production, was superb and literally looked exhausted after the torture scene which was scarily realistic. The rest of the cast were employed in many different roles and the repeat scene was impressive for its timing.

A great production, done well and in newspeak not ‘ungood’.

Well worth a visit, only for the over 14’s!

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