Express the essence of you… but, don’t fall in love too fast.

How would you react when asked to go to a fashion show.?
This week Francesca Kearns opens her new flagship store at Metquarter Liverpool, and what a sensation this fashion designer has caused!

Clothes are the backdrop of our lives, not merely functional or decorative, but essential to the drama unfolding before us.

Clothes are our outward selves. There are outfits that make us happy, those that make us sad, clothes that break the heart, and clothes that mend it, clothes that even change our lives.

Francesca Kearns shows us a unique and beautiful collection which has secured her a true place amongst the big brand names, notably MAC, Hugo Boss, Kurt Geiger, and Armani.

Consider the classics of literature and film for a moment. Count Vronsky is immune to Anna Karenina until he sees her in a simple but exquisitely cut ball dress. In the 1954 film Sabrina, dowdy Audrey Hepburn is transformed into a woman to be reckoned with by the sharpest of Givenchy suits, winning the heart of business tycoon William Holden, and marking her debut as the greatest icon of the 20th century.

Step into the Metquarter and you will be, bedazzled with Francesca Kearn’s new Autumn/Winter ready to wear collection of fantastic, stunning outfits.

Designer clothes provide us with sexual confidence and reassurance. Clothes can have as much aesthetic value as a painting or sculpture, while their impact on the state of mind can be even greater. So, impact your state of mind with a visit to Francesca’s.

A dress at Francesca’s will last forever, and it will never go out of fashion! That’s designer. If you want fairy tale romance, then step into her new store and see something that will inspire sonnets, and perhaps break hearts and with your first purchase into the world of high fashion, you will quickly become an addict to fine clothes, looking and feeling good.

Meeting Francesca is a certain meeting for life; an inspirational artist that has created her own label and carved a niche in an empire that’s no easy task in this climate of economic hardship. She shows that if you want something in life, then don’t just stop at the sky, reach for the heavens and the stars.

Says Francesca, “Its all a dream come true and its given me the opportunity to dress Liverpool girls, ready for the Christmas party season in something out of the ordinary and a little bit special”
0151 207 5959

Francescacouture designer fashions
Unit 7 Metquarter

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