Cats – Liverpool Empire 26 November to Saturday 7 December 2013

Cats is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on a T S Elliot book, Old Posssum’s Book of Practical Cats.  It first opened in London in 1981 and Broadway the following year and is the second longest running musical show in Broadway’s history and the fourth longest West End musical.  This is no surprise!!

Ths show is set in a big scrap yard which overflows off the stage with eyes shining out in the darkness.  Then to everyones surprise the cats crept in behind you down to the stage with their feline movements and fantastic make-up and costumes.  The individuality of each cat is mesmorising and the characters and personalities of each one is described throughout the show.  The cast of many were so talented and absolutely dynamic in their dancing it was difficult to concentrate on one part of the stage at any one time.           

T S Elliot wrote the poems about these cats in the 1930s for his grandchildren and these poems put to music from Old Deuteronomy to Macavity brought the characters to life.  ‘Who was your favourite?’ was the topic of conversation at the interval but no one could deny Grizabella a standing ovation for her part singing the song memories with such gusto and sentimentality.

I found the show’s energy, cast and production absolutely star quality.  To think these productions are here on our doorstep in Liverpool is so amazing.  It was another standing ovation night and ‘memories’ are made of these nights.

Its Liverpool

Happy Days.

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