“War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo- a landmark theatre event!

I have always been fond of horses and for generations my family has kept thoroughbreds in a far and distant place, so I have grown up with their temperament, love and handling.

Today, you can buy a horse for £1 at any British farming auction, but it’s the after care and costs that are the most damaging.
A few years ago I happened to purchase a Hanoverian thoroughbred or Arab cross with great athleticism, soundness and good conformation…horsey terms for ‘controllable’.

“Zara” is jet black and beautiful, a warmblood, with it’s ancestry traced back to 1735 at Celle in Germany. Forget “Seabiscuit” this one rides like the wind!!!!

It’s no surprise that when a call came to see ‘War Horse’ at the Lowry, I jumped at the opportunity.

I can tell you, it was the best theatre I’ve seen for years….

I was spellbound.

The film is such a letdown by comparison, I don’t think Spielberg got it at all.

This stage show is so electrifying and the animatronic horse awesome- so lifelike. If you love horses like we do, then it adds an extra layer and really works on the emotions.

It’s such an exhilharating production that it makes you rejoice to be alive.
‘War Horse’, is a concert in a reading by its author Michael Morpurgo with songs from John Tams and Barry Coope in this heart-felt journey from peaceful Devon to the devastating consequences of the Great War, made real by a horse who didn’t have the human frailty of taking sides.

The book was adapted by Nick Stafford in association with the award winning ‘Handspring Puppet Company’ and, haven’t they done a fantastic job with the horse.
You will be amazed by the mechanism and the animatronics.

This epic story takes approximately 90 minutes to tell with no interval and it can be seen between…….
Dec 1st – Saturday 18th January…..
and like me, if you do not want to drive then Liverpool Timewell’s Coaches will get you there and back….

0151 526 3209 Warhorse @ The Lowry Theatre including theatre ticket for matinee performance Adult £43.90

If you make your own way then booking is essential….
Tickets £12-£20 The Lowry
Salford Quays (0843 208 6000)

One response to ““War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo- a landmark theatre event!”

  1. Stephen Wolstenholme says :

    Yes, this is a wonderful production. Don’t let the film put you off!

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