Little Red Riding Hood at the Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre


If you are not getting that Christmas feeling yet and if you feel you need a real good laugh and switch off from the commercial treadmill leading up to Christmas, then why not try one of the great pantos in this wonderful city.  Choices are huge from the rock and roll  Alladin at the Playhouse to the small and very intimate Little Red Riding Hood at the Actors Studio.

This is a Liverpool tale of Red, the ambitious Liverpool grade A student with the embarrasing ex 80s ‘club singer’ mum, her new age hippy healer grandmother and Wilf, the ‘not bad’ wolf.  I cannot say if it was the cast that had me laughing the loudest or the little boy in front of me that jumped onto his grandad’s knee everytime Wilf came on.  The panto old familiar line ‘where is he’, had him shouting,  ‘he is behind you’ and ‘he is lying’ with great conviction as the wolf scared the life out of him.  The small theatre gave the audience a sense of belonging and at times ‘in the show’.  There was no room to hide as the dancing concluded the happy ending when Wilf became the good………….  I cannot divulge the ending you will have to go and find out for yourself.

It was great to see that the children were just like we were, excited, frightened of the baddies, laughing at the silly jokes and together with their families and friends, enjoying a real life theatre experience.

This show is on until the 21st December, visit for further details.

Be there, or be square!!!!

Its Liverpool, Happy Days!

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