‘Angelite’ The Bulgarian Voices arrive a few weeks early!.

Tuesday 17th December 7.30pm at the St George’s Hall Concert Room sees the amazing vocal virtuosity of Angelite.

Their voices are fascinating, their style of singing distinctive and rooted in centuries of local tradition.
As a musician I can describe their voice as fanning out into a colourful glowing sound palette that plays with overtone resonance.

If you thought last years ‘gorecki’ choir from Poland was something, and it was absolutely packed out that night, then this spectacular ensemble equals. All this is thanks to our maestro Vasily Petrenko, who knows the musical talents of Eastern Europe inside out.

Historically; prior to the rise of communism, The Bulgarian Voices Angelite were largely unknown to the world, but in the years since the Iron Curtain has lifted this all-woman-choir, formed from the ashes of the old State Television Choir dating back to 1952, have managed to enchant the world with their singular blend of classical and folk traditions.

Visit the Concert Hall and listen to the choir, and you will hear the cryptic, mysterious, perhaps even somewhat mystical quality that characterises the choir’s sound which arises from the singers preference for a second voice which is maintained at a slight interval to the leading melody.

Angelite offers a glimpse into the artful, skilful enhancement of traditional style, stemming from the folklore of the Balkans and Bulgaria, preserving heritage and advancing the music into fascinating new territory for all to enjoy.
The St George’s Hall Concert Room.
Tickets can be booked on-line at http://www.liverpoolphil.com


One response to “‘Angelite’ The Bulgarian Voices arrive a few weeks early!.”

  1. Jim Bellew says :

    We both enjoyed the show immensely and thought that the performance was excellent. Sadly the crowd was very thin and the artists and the venue deserved better. It was a pity that every choral society and barbershop quartet from around the region didn’t attend because they would’ve had a master class in choral technique and harmonizing. I have to believe that the promoters failed to reach potentially interested parties. Possibly the timing was also unfortunate with shopping, Christmas parties and the usual pre-holiday congestion providing a distraction. Hopefully they will return we can give them a better reception.

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