Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas – The Liverpool Echo Arena until 21st December 2013

There is only a couple more days for you to see this exceptional adult seasonal play of a modern day Liverpool Scrooge, Mr Minge, played by the absolutely wonderful Andrew Schofield.  This Liverpool comedy script was written by Dave Kirby the known writer of Council depot Blues, Reds and Blues, Lost soul and Brick up the Mersey Tunnel.  The supporting cast of Alan Stokes, Paul Duckworth,  Keddy Sutton, Gillian Hardie and Lenny Wood were all exceptional in their performances of the poor overworked and underpaid staff of Mr Minge’s toilet roll factory.

You will be entertained from beginning to end with the memories of the past,  the 70s with the music of Barrie White and the Grafton with the platform shoes and white suits…  The present, with the threat of redundancy in the future.  Lost love and old flames wearing old perfumes……….  Christmas time and Christmas parties will always bring the best and worst out in you.   Will Barry’s music be enough to win her back?

This play left me with an aching jaw from laughing and a wanting for more of this humour and professionalism. Well done to a great cast and show!

Don’t delay, get your tickets today!

Its Liverpool

Happy Days

One response to “Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas – The Liverpool Echo Arena until 21st December 2013”

  1. Clare says :

    Totally agree with this review, what a fantastic show. It was a pity it was only on for a week as the night I went there must have been about 2000 people on their feet at the end. Superb cast, each and every one of them are truly talented actors. Would definitely go again if it comes back on. Set and venue brilliant!

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