Authentic Bavarian Bierkeller at Liverpool One

It’s been a year since I wrote the first review of the Bierkeller with its drinks and delicious range of food from across the globe, creating a truly unique Christmas experience.

If you still want the fun and experience of expectation to keep on rolling for the next few days before the New Year celebrations, then take yourself here with a few mates.

Mind you, the Bierkeller brings the festive spirit to any occasion.

It’s best known for its raucous beer hall-themed nights, complete with Oompah band and two-pint tankards offering food in its restaurant and over 100 beers from around the world to choose from.

Now, the ‘keller’ is getting set to celebrate its anniversary, and to mark the occasion, its extending its winter drinking to locally-blended coffee.

The city centre ‘drinking spa’ will now add a selection of hot drinks, with local coffee roaster and brewer Joe Blacks Coffee.

As a driver and often accompanying groups of travellers about town, I need something a little non-alcoholic and this suits me fine.
Area Manager Pete Robinson tells me “We have offered a range of food in our complex in two of the three bar areas and thought it was a great time, as the winter kicks in, to tie up with one of Liverpool’s oldest drinks companies, Joe Black”.

Last year, I decided to have a really good night out and our party “partook” in one of the Bavarian Packages with a Hog roast and custom made beer suitcase…..I don’t remember much about the night but I must have had a good time because everybody who was with me told me so. That’s the Bierkeller for you.

Find out more about your package on……..
0845 333 000 or
6 Thomas Steers Way
Liverpool One L1 8LW

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