Van Dyck’s Grand Elegance arrives in Liverpool.

A chance like this doesn’t come often to Liverpool, so get down to Liverpool Victoria Museum and view this stunning gem on loan for a short while.

The Vicenza Masterpiece by Anthony van Dyck!

Historically; this great 17th-century master portrait painter Sir Anthony van Dyck, achieved renown as an artist in the service of royalty and the aristocracy.
His patrons included, Prince William of Orange and Charles I of England.

Portrait painting at his time, was certainly a lucrative business, and van Dyck really excelled at it.

Van Dyck is famed, by changing the course of portraiture in Britain with his famous portrait of indeed Charles I, and his main source of income at the time, came from portraits of the great and good in Flanders, Italy and England.

However, research shows me that he also created allegorical scenes.

Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery and museum, located near the University and Anglican cathedral, has acquired a reciprocal loan of this Van Dyck masterpiece from the Civic Museum of Vicenza, Italy.

‘The four eyes of man’ as it is called, is especially intriguing as, it is not a recognisable biblical or mythological subject.

Painted while travelling in Italy with the wealthy Gonzaga family, one can see the fine brushwork and sophisticated use of colour that demonstrate Van Dyck’s inspiration from Venetian Renaissance artists such as Titian.

The story in paint is merely touched upon, but no educated reader of the day would have required further explanation of its story.
I think it is a splendidly organised work and well worth a visit to view.

If you have a moment before this exemplar returns to its European home forever, then take some time to view the masterpiece and then explore the wonderful Victoria Gallery and museum before refreshing yourself in the beautiful ornate surrounding of the café bistro.
Victoria Gallery and Museum
Ashton Street L6 93DR
0151 794 2348

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