The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History – St George’s Hall 17th – 23rd February 2014

TheCatacombsLovehistory presents a unique tour of the darker side of Liverpool’s Catacombs of St Georges Hall from 17th to 23rd of February 2014, the first time in 160 years that this part of the Hall has been open to the public.  What an amazing insight into the building and world heritage venue, where the first air conditioning in the world was built.

St George’s hall with its majesty and beautiful flooring and architecture has a dark and seedy side down in the bowels where below the grandness of the Great Hall lies the cells that held murderers and condemned prisoners  before being taken to the prison for hanging.  This cold as death part of the building has low ceilings and whispers of ghostly and eerie past presences.  This is brought alive by the Victorian dressed actors and actresses that portray the poor people who either worked below, mostly children and men, or the constabulary and murderers held in these very cells. It was like seeing the ghosts of the past come to life with their staring and forthright delivery of their tales looking into your eyes as you listened warily to these demonstrative characters of yesteryear.  The walls have the portraits of the prisoners, their faces haggard and worn. You are taken back in time and, as the cold seeps through your coat, you start to image the characters lives in this ‘cold as hell’ place.

The architecture down in the Catacombs is amazing and the history of some of the major events of St George’s Hall of the Liverpool Strike of 1911 and the use of the space in the second world war was told by the characters with fervour and feeling.

Another amazing venue on our doorstep to be explored and this tour puts this history across in such an interesting, artistic and entertaining way.  It has left me with a ‘I want to know more’ feeling.

For further information and to meet those murderers and dark characters visit, you will not be disappointed!  Make sure you are well wrapped up……..

Love History!

It’s Liverpool!

Happy Days!

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