Knowsley Safari is howling this half term!!!!

Thinking of something unusual to do for the last few days of the holiday break?
Yes, our famous Safari park has just taken in a pair of Iberian wolves, 30kg and growing to 1.5 metres tall by the time they reach maturity. Big doggy!!!

Eveline de Wolf, head of animal management at Knowsley Safari tells me that “Iberian wolves are known for their fierce nature and highly adaptable lifestyle. We are hoping to foster a breeding pack in the park just like in the wild”.

The Iberian wolf (canis lupus signatus) is a subspecies of the grey wolf.
Indigenous to northern Portugal and northwest Spain, these magnificent creatures have colourful transforming thick fur.
Currently, if you visit the park in the next few days; they are a dark reddish brown for the cold winter months, changing to a grey with white facial markings and dark marks on their tail and legs in preparation for the warmer spring months. (signatus in the Latin name meaning “marked”).

In the wild, the two wolf sisters named Maria and Morena would feast on deer and wild boar, a diet that keepers will replicate at the Park.

In Spain, the wolf lives in small packs and is considered beneficial in keeping the wild boars in check. During a hiking trip a few years ago I spotted some in the Sierra de la Culebra hills and kept the cabin door well locked that night! Fierce tendencies!!!! the noise all night was enough.

Since then, I have seen them in the mountain region of the Basque Country of Spain and kept my distance.
Here in Spain, they are hunted, but in Portugal the hunting of the wolf is banned.

If you want to see them in the wild then an Easyjet from Liverpool John Lennon airport would fly you quickly to the Santander region of Basque and the cost of backpacking to the highlands negligible.

However, if you have some time during half term and don’t want to travel that far, then do make an appointment to visit the two new visitors from Gaia Zoo in Holland.
These are the first wolves to live at the park in its 42 year history, so make a trip and tell your friends you’ve come face to face with a wolf.
Check out the half price half term prices and the Baboon Bus on the number below.

For close encounters…. Tel Knowsley Safari Park 0151 430 9009

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