Echoes of the First World War from the depths of St George’s Hall.

Hours before I witnessed this new production in Liverpool, I was witnessing the battlefields of Belgium and walking the pockmarked landscape of a gruesome time in our history, reflecting on the chaos and horror of the time.

‘Echoes of the First World War’ is a moving and powerful collection of stories and poetry, written by people who experienced the war first hand and performed by exceptional actors.

From soldiers to nurses, mothers to sweethearts, and the families and friends left far behind from the front lines, this literary collection and performance takes us from the early excitement and patriotism of the troops, through to the heartbreak and regret.

Right from the start, you are drawn into the living history by period costumed officers, pipe smoking majors and battle weary soldiers. With realistic sound effects, special lighting and projections that create the perfect atmosphere, which gives you an imagination so real, that you think you are truly in a trench and in the thick of it.

Empathy is the name of the game here, transporting you back to a time of frightening fear and desperation.

Poetry, along with actors and special guests in period costume certainly create the atmosphere of a unique interactive experience giving you, the memorable performance. It’s a performance you leave with a message forever.

Like the soldiers of the day, crouched in their mud sodden holes, cowering at every blast, you revel in the experience that leaves a deep, deep, thoughtful impression on you.
You walk away remembering poetic lines, expressions and heroic stories.
The realism is so unique that you end up recalling to friends the experience. It’s an experience that haunts. It’s a living history moment in your life. And then you walk out into the blue sky and 21st Century surroundings of Lime Street with thoughts.
This is a must for all to experience. It captures history and uses all the illusion to educate.

Until March 16th
St Georges Hall, Liverpool 0151 225 6909

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