One Dream – The Beryl Marsden’s Story

Ray fosberg

image This play of Beryl Marsden’s life story took me right back there to my youth.  Life seemed all so simple then going to the Cavern, the Iron Door and the Victoriana to listen to the Merseybeats, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and The Undertakers. Beryl at fifteen was singing her heart out in that Twiggy frock in all these clubs and life was exciting.  The story is told through the wonderful music of the sixties played by a great backing group with great vocals from Beryl at fifteen and twenty-one played by Francesca Davies and Gillian Hardie. But the story was a tale of how life was not that simple and the music was great but the life style was not always an easy one. The highs and lows of her life story told through her music, and the highlight of the show was, not only to see how she…

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