The day I made a 10 second film with Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Two peas in a pod was one description of the pair of us last summer but this week we worked on a venture that was in my mind, one of the most versatile creative innovations to hit the education scene for the youth of today.

Frank, famed for his contribution to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and numerous screen writing films notably “Millions” plus authorship of countless books with one hitting the market 3rd April named ‘The Unforgotten Coat Exhibition’ featuring stunning atmospheric photography from the book, transforming Liverpool into a version of Mongolia through the medium of Polaroids, is well worth a buy. But, my meeting with Frank was for a new pilot project.

9.88 Create a 10 second film.

This one day film workshop at Calderstones Mansion, supported by Channel 4, introduced filmmakers to the world of Micro Film.

Over the day, 10 second films inspired by literature we had read, generated ideas we then turned into film. A line, a paragraph or a novel that inspired you could be used in a short film sequence using a simple mobile phone for 10 seconds.

The session introduced us to micro films and a screening of this art-form……. looking at the 1928 Dada artists who explored this early technology in black and white film. It was fantastic and exceptional…such creativity…..such vision. These artists were using early film making technology, technology that’s in every day use on our phones today.

Nazi intervention in the 1930’s had destroyed the sound of the day as it was classified as degenerate, but it still made us laugh and showed the mastery of the times.

After the initial brainstorm of ideas to use in our film, we the filmmakers divided into groups and shot our film having made a storyboard and amassed our resources, checked timing and found a place to film.
Using iMovie, we downloaded our film and edited it to produce a finished polished mini production with 3 bar sound cover. This was a great learning experience but given the support of Frank and his colleagues, it turned into a memorable learning experience worthy of entering the competition field.

You too, can make a 10 second film and win the chance to see it broadcast on Channel 4 and at cinemas around the UK, as well as other great prizes on offer for your entry.

If you want to experience the fun we had making short films and if you want to enter the competition then checkout 9.88 and see our stuff but better still get tips and tricks to make an innovative story yourself.

Create a 10 second film- part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme.
Enter your films on 9.88.
Do checkout the ultra-short Filmmaking 9 point 88 site and have fun.
We did, Boyce-e and Me!!!

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