Let It Be – Liverpool Empire 7 – 12 April 2014

beatles 3 It was over fifty years ago that The Beatles performed on the stage of the Empire Theatre. I think last night some of those same fans were back to listen, not scream, to the West End production of Let It Be, the musical story of the life of the Beatles.

After two years in the West End the show has gone on tour and it must have been a ‘Hard Days Night’ for the cast at the thought of playing on this stage in the Beatle’s home town of Liverpool.  They had no worries as the audience embraced their musical talents as they sang the Beatle’s life through their songs helped by the historic backdrop of places and events they played at.  As the music went from Please, Please Me in the early sixties through to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band so did the fashion changes from Beatle suits and mop heads to the flamboyant costumes  and moustaches of the Magical Mystery Tour era.beatles 2

It was not the Beatles but the story was told by a multi-talented cast that had the audience on their feet applauding their interpretation of their most famous and much-loved Liverpool icon’s lives and they sang and danced to all those original and well-loved songs. The show ended with a wonderful rendition of Let it Be and finally the Na Na Na, Hey Jude, with a waving of arms by a very happy audience.

A great show, a great night!

Its Liverpool!

Happy Days.


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