‘the events’ a thought provoking play………

Written by Scottish playwright David Grieg, who also penned the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this is no Nanny McPhee production.

I stumbled into this play, and floundered through the dark excuses on how the mind tricks the human psych, and as to the reasons why we do the things that we do, grotesque as they might be.

Go to this, not expecting an answer, but to be embroiled into a series of questions asking “Why do atrocities happen?”

The Events is a play about the aftermaths of a massacre…..one which very quickly springs to mind with the Norwegian communal song, sung by the supporting choir ‘Up For Arts’. At every performance of The Events, the actors are joined on stage by a different choir. Tonight it was ‘Up For Arts’, directed by Saphena Aziz and its diverse membership of 40 talented singers aged from 16-80 years old.

The play is performed by two very experienced actors, Clifford Samuel and Amanda Drew with a punishing, dynamic script; superbly strengthened by Magnus Gilljam, the pianist, who holds the choir in the palm of his hands, conducting and directing the members through the story with precision.

Briefly, the story unfolds when Claire, a priest, survives an atrocity then sets out on a quest to answer the most difficult question of all: Why?

It’s a question Claire asks after ‘events’ take a terrible turn at her choir rehersal…..and delves into the human psycho.

It’s a journey that takes her and the audience to the edge of reason, science, politics and faith with reflections on todays political situation in a diverse multicultural society that only too well sits on the edge.

David Greigs daring play truly explores our destructive desire to fathom the unfathomable and asks how far forgiveness can stretch in the face of brutality.
……it holds your attention
…………it dares to stare into the darkness within us all
…………..it looks at tragedy, obsession and destructive desire

It’s a play that leaves you the audience thinking, after the event.

THE EVENTS 8th-12th April 2014
Hope Street, Liverpool 0151 709 4776

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