Greetings from Netherley!

netherleyA new play by Valley Theatre Adult Drama Group

Telling the story of a lost but not forgotten community, Valley Theatre adult group are performing a play about the Prefab estate that was situated on the land now occupied by Belle Vale Shopping Centre.

Just after the last World War, faced with thousands of returning soldiers and the aftermath of the Blitz, Britain embarked upon a nationwide programme of house building.  Central to the housing strategy, was the temporary use of “Pre-fabricated” dwellings. These “Construction kit” aluminium bungalows were built in converted aeroplane factories, and assembled in a fraction of the usual time.

Estates of “pre-fabs” began to spring up all over Britain. In Belle Vale, where Belle Vale Shopping Centre now stands, a massive prefab estate of over 1000 dwellings was established.  The idea was that the prefabs would only stand for approximately ten years. The people who lived in them, however, loved them so much, they were reluctant to leave when the time came.

“Greetings from Netherley”, by the Valley Theatre Company, captures the spirit of that unique community. Written using material from former residents and members of the local Prefab Project, this is a play that will tug at your heart strings and take you back to a distant but not forgotten time.

You can catch Greetings from Netherley on Wed & Thu 23rd and 24th of April, 7.30pm, at the Valley Theatre, Childwall, Valley Road, L27 3YA

Entrance is by donation so be generous!

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