Dragonboat Club!!!! a dynamic sport on your doorstep.

This was the most hair raising, fast paced, energy consuming, exciting, dare-devil, fun, friendly and safe sport ever devised to fill in a Sunday morning.

White water, banging drum beats, thrashing paddles and the constant competitiveness to keep pace with the rest of the crew makes this a thrilling ride.
The digging into the surf for that ever faster and faster pace through the buffeting waves, all in an effort to win and glide past that finishing post together in an elevated joy and exhaustion.

Wonderful exercise, yes, builds confidence, yes, great fun, you bet! And I could have just laid back in bed for an extra hour. But no, not when there is so much out there to get involved in and it’s only when you get back home that you think, well, I’m glad I dragged myself to that! I’ve learned something and made new friends, camaraderie, family friendly and then relish that warm soothing bath.

All this dragon-boating training has a deeper reach, as come 26th June somebody has the job of captaining the World Corporate Games 500m Dragonboat squad and somebody needs to control a crew of 19 and somebody needs to count time for the Dragonboat drummer and somebody needs to navigate the 19 crewman awe inspiring oars.

If you are interested in a good workout with some bril mates and have time on a Sunday morning then there are two venues to make that fun happen. Crosby Marine and the Liverpool Watersports Centre. Failing that there are regular sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Crusaders Dragonboat Club welcome new members at the Crosby Lakeside Centre every Sunday morning and after a few minutes training and safety talk you are kitted up and ready for action.
Don’t forget, this is FREE Training for you and the family if you have the energy!

Now for Awesome Walls!

Dragonboat Training-
email: jackie04b@aol.com
Bob Bridge 07791787950

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