Who Let The Dads Out? LightNight Delights de Kids!

This is a great opportunity night I feel, for dads and their kids to spend time together, perhaps for once, in a one to one, racing about town, engaging with Liverpool’s fantastic culture.

This is the night I usually have quality time with the girls, enjoying things together on this ‘culture crawl’ looking at over 100 of the city’s top creative arts venues till late at night and cramming as much as possible in, having fun and ENJOYING IT ALL.

This year we are thinking BIKE!

As soon as the girls get a hint of LightNight, it’s a trawl through the free programme, casually left on the sofa of course.

These booklets can usually be picked up from any of the museums or Arriva bus info terminals but, tend to end up like gold the nearer we get to the night.

Once we have the book listings, it’s plan, plan, plan like some daredevil SAS mission, coordinating parking, eventing and route planning….. taking into consideration weather and the ubiquitous meeting-up and rendez-vousing with friends that are interested in where you are going, and not wanting to miss out on something special that they might have missed and you’ve discovered.

We usually begin our night, round about 4pm near Camp and Furnace.

Here parking at 4pm is easy and we have the activities of Arena Studios and Baltic Creative. Then we drive to the Anglican Cathedral for the psychedelic performance, organ recital and the Tibetan singing bowl. With good parking, you can get the entertainment from the Blackie Centre and St James Mount, Peace Makers Bold Street, Mello Mello and the Samba in St Peters Square thrown in before a mad dash to the next event!

Heading into the centre, we arrive at Sir Thomas Street, and with free parking explore the Central Library youth and community performances, light and sound show, Big Sing, Super Strings and then set off for a well deserved rest at our favourite Spanish bar Lunya, College Lane near the Bluecoat.

Delicious coffee…black with a small jug of hot milk at the side…..hot chocolate for the girls and some Basque cake and pancakes mmmmm! Then off around the Bluecoat for the final part of the evening at the Print shop, using Caxtons printing machine and producing superb scratch prints .

Somewhere along the way, we are bound to bump into Keith Wilson the poet but rumour has it that he will be hanging out in the Post Office School Lane.

Have a fun LightNight 2014 and have fun planning your tour of Liverpool’s delights on this night of nights organised by Open Culture.

We say this each year “Follow us if you can” and surprisingly some of you did last year.
Good Luck this time.
0151 478 4550

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